Electrode Punching Machine

Pouch R&D Line
Model : TB173-CE14

Electrode Punching Machine

Functional Feature


This equipment is for punching coated electrodes at the desired size.


  • Punching Type : Thomson Knife
  • Actuator : Air Cylinder
  • Type adjustable range : Min #3450 Max #5060
  • Type exchange method : Jigs change

Details || Thomson Knife

Details || Punched Electrode

Cell Size Target #3450 (Max. #5060)
Capacity (PPM) 4
Punching Clearance <0.1mm
Burr Below 20㎛
Thomson Knife 2 Sets (Anode 1 set, Cathode 1set)
Electrode Punching Thomson Knife
Loading & Unloading Manual
Punching Q‘tyde Button 1~2ea / cycle
Kind of safety device Area Sensor, Safety Cover
Control Both Side Button
Dimension (W x L x H) 300 x 620 x 500 [1.5kW]

Loading(Manual) → Start Button → Shuttle In → Punching
Shuttle Out → Unloading(Manual)

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