Tab Welding Machine

Cylindrical _ R&D
Model : TB179-CU15-340

Tab Welding Machine

Functional Feature

1. Machine Overview

The machine for welding the lead and nickel tab or aluminum tab of electrodes for winding.

2. Production Goods


Cell Size for 18650, 26650 & 21700
(Target 18650)
Capacity (PPM) 2
Lead Setting Manual
Ultrasonic Welder 2 Set (Anode, Cathode)
Frequency 40 KHz
Power Output 1,500watts
Horn & Anvil 1 set
Control Button or Foot S/W
Dimension (W x L x H) 1,000(W)x700(L)x1,500(H)

Electrodes mounted (Manual) → Start Button → Welding → Unloading

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